We take
to the next level

Feel the power of a gorgeous smile with the advanced tech of Clearfy SmartSmile.

What makes Clearfy
so smart?
Our Clearfy SmartSmile technology, and top orthodontists, design effective treatment plans, giving you better results in the shortest possible time.

We use the latest imaging technology to conduct a full scan of your teeth! This creates the most accurate 3D model of your new smile simulation and aligners!
Clearfy Attachment
Not all teeth are made the same. That’s why we use our in house developed attachment technology to help shift teeth. By placing small, near invisible bumps on your teeth we can manoeuvre your teeth in a way that cannot be done with some other aligner therapies.

This type of treatment can only be done by dental professionals which is what sets Clearfy apart from our competitors.
The latest technology for the best smile
Comfortable and Discreet.
Your smile will love it!
Our customised Australian made removable aligners are made of completely transparent BPA free plastic

They straighten teeth, but in an invisible, smooth, and safe way, just like old school braces.
A New Routine Made Simple
Our treatment consists of multiple pairs of numbered aligners. Each pair is specific to create a gradual change in your teeth.

With Clearfy, you have control of your treatment.
Join us in the new generation of smile improvement